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A Breakdown of the New Moon for Beginners

It's New Moon Time!

A new moon occurs when the moon is on the same side of Earth as the sun. Because the moon's shadow side is pointed toward Earth, we can't really see it, which is why it's also referred to as the dark moon.

Crystal-lovers tend to also be fans of the phases of the moon... Probably because we all appreciate the raw beauty of nature. Here are some beginner-friendly tips if you've been wanting to learn how to work with this month's new moon:⁠

New Moon = New Beginnings

1. Cleanse your crystals. Have crystals (or other shiny rocks) inside your home? You can place them outside during the peak of the full moon. (Be sure to check what time that will occur where you are, as it will vary by location.) The idea of "new beginnings" is the opportunity to cleanse your stones of old energy and reset them for the coming month.

2. Make a pitcher of new moon water. Fill up a pitcher of fresh water and place it outside for a few hours, also around the peak of the full moon. You can then use this to water to drink (we recommend a hot tea), water your house plants, or to cleanse your crystals. (Remember: crystals that end in "-ite" are typically water soluble and should not be soaked or rinsed in water.)⁠

3. Try something new! Read a new book, try a new recipe - or anything else that's entirely new to you. The new moon can be a helpful motivator for getting started.⁠

4. Set intentions for the coming month. When we talk about intentions, practices or rituals, we're referring to personal reflections. They definitely do not need to be a scripted performance that you recite perfectly each time.

Whatever you do, be mindful that there is no such thing as a perfect ritual. Let whatever you choose to do flow from a place that feels good to you.

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