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Amethyst Energy Spray


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From deep, moody purple to the faintest hint of smoky lavender, amethyst comes in an array of colors that I captured in scent. Sparkling, moody, refreshing, yet mysterious. And for meditation? WOW. Talk about an awakening.

DIRECTIONS: Liberally spritz around your person (I've always wanted to use this phrase). Focus on releasing any tension, anxiety, anger, rage, and whatever is just not serving you at the moment.

SCENT PROFILE: Grounding, sparkling, moody, mysterious with sweet, resinous woods. 2oz glass bottle with spray.

COMMON SENSE STUFF: For external use only. Do not put it in your eyeballs, please. Or your mouth. While Deja Vu Foundry uses herbs and botanicals known to be skin safe and gentle, certain individuals may experience irritation. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Spot test prior to spraying directly on fabric.

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