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Protection Kit Plus


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Our protection plus kits have been created to assist with creating a protective space around your body and your home. Each kit comes with:

  • Tumbled Snowflake Obsidian (1) - Absorbs negative energy. Best to be carried with you, or set in your safe space (like your bedroom).
  • Tumbled Hematite (4) - Also repels negative energy. We suggest placing one stone in each of the four corners of your home to form a protective, property grid.
  • Raw Black Tourmaline (1) - Repels negative energy. This can be carried in a pocket, purse or your vehicle to protect you while you're outside of your home.
  • Raw Heat-Treated Citrine (2) - Unlike natural citrine, heated amethyst appears burnt orange and can help provide protection against negative thoughts. These can also be carried with you.
  • Tumbled Super Seven (1) - Provides physical and mental protection for. Best to be carried around with you.
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