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Beyond the Brand

Intrigued by the natural elements of Mama Earth, we mindfully source crystals from around the world as they are meant to be experienced: in their raw, natural beauty.

Energize your home with accessible, beautiful crystals and elemental accents. That’s what high vibe living is all about.

Meet the mother-daughter team helping you curate intentional décor


"I've always enjoyed collecting found rocks and stones. My love of shiny crystals started in 4th grade when our science teacher gave me a large chunk of raw amethyst for answering a question correctly. I still have this beautiful amethyst chunk to this day."

"Many years later I took a trip back to our family's home of Tucson, Arizona with Erica, my sister and father. My sister, an avid crystal collector, took us to a large crystal shop and talked about the energy of crystals. When we walked into the store both of my hands started to tingle. I realized that I had walked by two large amethyst cathedrals! I was enthralled and bought a huge cache of crystals that day to bring home. My favorite from that trip is a golden sheen obsidian sphere I keep in our bedroom to absorb negative energy."

"I continually educate myself on the energy inherent in crystals and learn more everyday. I hope my love of crystals and stones and their amazing energy encourage you on your journey."

Tammy is excited to co-own a business with her daughter, Erica. She is enjoying being retired, working part-time and playing with her two grandchildren. She plays the card game, hand and foot, once a month with her girlfriends dubbed "The Gnomies".


"While I don't have a specific moment when I fell in love with collecting crystals, I've always loved picking up rocks to commemorate special events, like going on a vacation with my family. To me, there is something special about taking a piece of an adventure home."

"I also like to capture that same feeling in crystals. Instead of sharing a memory, my collection shares its energy. I keep amethyst in almost every room of the house for tranquility, obsidian in the four corners for protection, and fluorite in the kids' rooms for growth and development. I like that something as simple as a raw stone can make me feel happy."

When she's not obsessing over her next piece of amethyst, Erica is managing her business Pixel Jam Digital, a web design and site development firm.
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